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About Us

KADPO System provides the full functionality required to effectively deliver the speed and sophistication that you are looking for in a loyalty technology provider.

Loyalty Cards have become a part of modern human lifestyle. Everyone carries different brands of Loyalty cards in his or her wallet or purse. Most people have more than one card to satisfy their advanced or basic spending needs. No wonder, smart companies are realizing this growing trend and creating an opportunity to create awareness of their service portfolio via Loyalty Cards program. Research proved that it cost 8 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain the existing ones.

Loyalty creates a bond that makes your company the first choice in the hearts and minds of your customers. Creating this relationship requires a complete understanding of your customers and what drives their behavior.

KADPO provides the tools to build that marketing database and then identify, track, reward, communicate to and develop loyal customers using data collected from the system.

KADPO offers tailor-made Loyalty Membership System to suit all varieties of customers' preference at lowest possible cost and at highest possible yield and ROI. We offer in-depth consultation providing insight and knowledge to help clients choose the best deal of products fit-for-purpose.

KADPO presents complete product offerings encompasses tailor-made Loyalty Membership System, customized Loyalty Card Solutions, Member Card Printer for Membership Cards personalization, hardwares of various types ( readers and writers), Loyalty Plastic Cards, Smart Cards, RFID Smart Cards finished with high quality printing - all under one roof.

Loyalty Program creates loyal customers, retains your existing customers, brings back lapsed customers and encourages spending. Rewarding customers and finding new customers is critical to the success of your business.

We understand your needs and we will help grow your business.